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高考英语一轮复习Module3ForeignFood单元知识运用课件外研版选修8.ppt 12页

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单元知识运用 教材回扣 用本单元所学短语完成句子 答案:1.make out 2.set fire 1.I listened carefully to his long boring speech, but could not           (理解) what he was talking about.? 2.The police are still trying to find out who               (放火焚烧) a homeless drop-in centre in west Belfast.? 答案:3.end up 4.In short 5.have in common 3.So many plastic bags         (结束) in tree branches or along highways that a growing number of cities do not allow them at checkouts.(2018浙江,阅读理解B改编)? 4.          (总之), he said winning the war in Afghanistan depends on civilian support.? 5.What all of us               (共有), though, is the great fortune to be here.? Ⅰ.单句语法填空 语境活用 答案:1.consumers 2.gradually 3.for  1.Food printing could allow     (consume) to print food with customized nutritional content, like vitamins. (2018天津,阅读理解C)? 2.Thanks to the good care of the nurses, the boy is     (gradual) recovering from his lung operation.? 3.She later developed a taste     expensive nightclubs.? 4.Small talk is the basis of good     (manner). (2018全国Ⅱ,阅读理解D)? 5.Paul,     everyone suspected,turned out to be innocent.? 6.In spite of the fact that he was not a trained economist,his achievements were    (remark).? 7.I go to bed when I’m sleepy and get up with an alarm clock at a    (fix) time.? 答案:4.manners 5.whom 6.remarkable 7.fixed  8.While studying, fix your mind on what is really important, or you will end up     (remember) nothing.? 9.The leaves of certain trees are    (poison)to cattle.? 10.Many factories and banks in some countries closed down    a direct consequence of the war.? 答案:8.remembering 9.poisonous 10.as Ⅱ.单句语法改错 答案:1.called前加was 2.将does改为did 3.将casually改为casual 4.将For改为In 1.It rained that day, and consequently the baseball game called off. 2.An awful accident does, however, occur the other day. 3.What you mean as a casually remark could be misinterpreted. 4.For short, if everyone cares about our earth,our efforts will make a difference. 5.I work in a business when almost everyone is waiting for a great chance. 6.It is no wondering you can’t sleep when you eat so much. 7.I could hear voices but I couldn’t make up what they were saying. 8.Although all of the apples have been tasted, none of them taste well. 答案:5.将when改为where 6.将wondering改为wonder 7.将up改为out 8.将well改为good 9.We two have very much in common that we should get along very well. 10.I owe to you an apology for what I said this morning. 答案:9.将第一个very改为so 10.去掉to
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