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TEM4_Quiz Grammar & Vocabulary An important lecture tomorrow, the professor has to stay up late into the night to prepare for it. A. to be given B. will be given C. is to be given D. given 2. They all think that it’s better to be busy than to be free, _______? A. don’t they B. aren’t they C. doesn’t it D. isn’t it 3. ____________, he sometimes can not stand the way she solves problems. A. Although much he likes her B. Much although he likes her C. As he likes her much D. Much as he likes her 4. After the earthquake, a new nuclear station was put up ________ there had once been a farm. A. where B. when C. that D. which 5. Down ________ from the seventh floor when he heard someone shouted at him. A. the burglar jumped B. jumped the burglar C. did the burglar jump D. the jumped burglar 6. __________ my umbrella with me when I came out this morning, I should not be so wet now. A. Had I taken B. Will I take C. Have I taken D. Would I taken 7. __________ proposals should be put into practice no matter how hard it will be. A. These all B. All such C. Some there D. Such all 8. Professor James suggested that his students _________ a composition about air pollution. A. write B. to write C. wrote D. had written 9. Benjamin told me his father had decided to support him and ______ he would quit the school to start his business. A. / B. when C. that D. which 10. Once _________, this power station will supply all the neighboring towns and villages with electricity. A. it being completed B. it completed C. completed D. it completes 11. My brother met her at the Grand Theater yesterday afternoon, so she _______ your lecture. A. mustn’t have attended B. needn’t have attended C. shouldn’t have attended D. couldn’t have attended 12. You can never imagine what great trouble I have had ______ the customer to withdraw a claim. A. persuade B. to persuade C. persuading D


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