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Unit Four Working in the Office Learning Objectives Listening and Speaking Listen and Practice Act Out Reading Text Exercises Practical Writing Supplementary Reading Learning Objectives know how to communicate with your colleagues; understand the liabilities of the secretaries; learn how to write a meeting agenda Listening and Speaking Part One Listen and Practice Opinions of Colleagues Dialogue 1 1. Listen to the dialogue, and fill in the blanks. Helen: I think I need to _______ this report before I hand it in. Mr. Smith: Good idea! Helen: What _________________ I do for the cover page? Mr. Smith: How about getting _______ so that you don’t have to spend a lot of time on it? Helen: I _____ do that. By the way, have you read the presentation I gave? Mr. Smith: Yes, I think it was good ______. But you need to make some small changes. Helen: What changes do you suggest I make? Mr. Smith: If I were you, I would put the ___________________ before cost data so as to justify all the expenditures. Helen: Anything else? Mr. Smith: Try speaking _________________ in yourself. Helen: Thank you very much. 2. Listen to the dialogue again, and answer the questions you will hear. Write your answers below. (1) ____________________________________________________ (2) ___________________________________________________ Dialogue 2 1. Listen to the dialogue, and fill in the blanks. Helen: Hi, Mr. Green, what are you busy with? Mr. Green: I’ve been asked to _____________________________________ this year. I’d like to please everybody as much as possible. What about you? Where are you going on your holidays this year? Helen: I’m thinking of going to my brother’s. He lives by the sea, a summer Mecca. Mr. Green: How nice! When would you like to travel? Helen: Let me see. I’d like to spend my ____________________________either in May or October so t


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